LinkedIn and Professional Networking

Your job search is a significant effort built on your defined strategy. Networking is a key to continued career success for everyone from entry-level applicants to senior executives. LinkedIn is [...]


Privacy Policy

1 – Preamble This Privacy Policy explains the collection, use, processing, transferring and disclosure of personal information by Tech Career Mentor LLC (“TCM” or “Tech Career Mentor”) a [...]


How to Land Your First IT Job

Among the top five questions I’m asked are, “I don’t have any experience, how do I land a job?” or “How do I get experience when I can’t get a job?” Like [...]


Ladder Climbing Soft Skills for IT

Being an expert in your field of study is not enough to make you successful in the Information Technology industry or any industry for that matter. Only focusing on your technical expertise and [...]


Finding the Right IT Job – Made Easier

My articles have slowed down a bit for summer, but I’m getting back into the swing of things. I’ve spent lots of time on this one, and it’s a bit longer than usual because I [...]


How to Find Your Passion for Information Technology

I’ve discussed passion many times throughout my articles. In fact, it’s part of my tag-line “Your Success. My Passion.” What is a passion? How do you know if you have one? [...]


Do You Need a Degree to be Successful in IT

A complicated question with no correct answer, this lengthy article reveals options and nuances of pursuing a degree. Throughout this article, I will explain the positives and negatives, and help [...]


How to Choose the Right IT Certification

The question I get asked most about certifications… which one should I get? Most people that ask this question expect someone to tell them exactly what the answer is so they can go knock out a [...]


The Most Critical Soft-Skill for IT Success

Communication is the most critical “soft skill” and one of the essential skills you only learn through experience versus reading a book or taking a course. Let’s understand the [...]


IT Improvement Exercises – Engage Your Brain Often

In my earlier article Make an Immediate Change I said that “the more I worked, the more I wanted to work.” I created a cycle of self-improvement. You start by breaking the procrastination and use [...]

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